Website updates and Stats

I had a good laugh when I looked at the last Blog post with the news that the website is now live as things have came on a lot since I posted that! It’s fair to say that there’s been a lot of work put in over January and the result is what you see here now – a relatively complete website.

I thought when I started this website that there would be around 50 Fisheries in Scotland but I soon learned that was not the case as there’s 101 Fisheries now on the site, each with their own page! I dare say that there’s probably a few more out there, if you know of any get in touch.

website updates since last blog post

I certainly put the hours in researching not just the Fisheries themselves but also the web side to get the site to look how it does today. The key element being a site that looks just as good on a Mobile as it does on a full desktop monitor.

19th january Soft launch and 5 days stats

I was finally happy with the content as well as look of the site and made sure every page was indexed in Google Search Console so I decided to create a Facebook Page and spread the word in a few Fishing Groups and the reception that the site got was nothing short of amazing! Lots of positive comments and some great feedback resulting in another 21 Fisheries added to the map, each with it’s own page!

Every Fishery Page has been both Page and Image SEO Optimised so over the course of the next few months to a year this hopefully results in getting the Website up there in the rankings and on Google Page 1 for certain search keywords.

As I was confident with the look and content I was hoping to get around 100 hits on the website, maybe 200 at an absolute push. Oh boy was I wrong!

At one point I had 50 unique visitors alone browsing the site at the same time!

Ok, onto the Stats as I do love a good bit of digging into Website Analytics! Here’s the Website Visitors for 19th – 23rd January.

For a brand new website that’s not running any ads on Google, Facebook or other Socials those Stats are absolutely mindblowing! Thank you so much to every one of the 1,128 of you that has visited this site since it was soft launched 5 days ago and even bigger thanks to those of you that have shared our content or came back for a second, third and even fourth visit! A huge thank you also goes to the Facebook Group Administrators who allowed me to share my link.

Even though I will be using Facebook to spread the word I only have Website Analytics running on the site so I can make tweaks to the website. I haven’t installed the Facebook Advertising Pixel as I have no need to advertise or collect that data. I’ve spent more than enough on Facebook Ads over the years and they are not getting a single bit of data from me from a site I have no intention of monetizing!

Some interesting snippets of info from only 5 days stats – 90% of visitors were using their mobile phone to browse the site, 21% of visitors were female and over 400 videos were viewed overall driving traffic to the Content Creators on YouTube.

I won’t share specific page names and their stats however just have a look at the amount of hits that one Fishery Page has had in 5 days. This just goes to show the potential of the website to drive traffic to your online presence and customers to your Fishery as on average each person spent 3 and a half minutes on the page.

The Facebook Stats are equally impressive for a page that is less than a week old! Looking at the Reach Stats there’s huge growth potential to get those that viewed to convert and click the link.

What’s Next?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what else to add to the website and other than trying to add a couple of videos from each Fishery Facebook Page to their page on here I am at a bit of a crossroads. To integrate all 101 Fishery Facebook Pages onto the website would cost roughly £300 per year in Software Plugins and RSS feed subscriptions alone. I don’t think that having a Fishery Facebook Feed on each of the pages would bring that much value to the website, sure it would let each Fishery have their own posts on the page but the layout wouldn’t look the same as Facebook due to how RSS works. There’s also a solution to auto share Fishery Facebook Posts to my own Facebook Page and sync that to the website but that costs $120 per month!!! I think that having a link to their Facebook page from here should be good enough.

At the end of the day this is a hobby site so buying more plugins isn’t on the agenda as I have no plans to make money off of the site. The idea of a Facebook Group that only allows Fisheries to share content appears to be free to sync to the website so that may well be the route to go down!

Now that the website is nearly complete I will be digging deep into Analytics and messing around with the site under the bonnet to try and speed things up and add any new content that I find but hopefully it’s more or less complete!

One final thought, if you are a Fishery owner and would like to create guest post please feel free to get in touch!

Thanks all for reading and I hope you enjoy the site!

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