Website now live!

The website is now live but very much a work in progress.

When I bought this domain way back in 2007 I intended to use it for posting my fishing exploits and but left the website dormant for the best part of 10 years until late 2022 when I decided to actually do something with it as the domain name is too good to let go.

First things first, there are many lochs and lochans in Scotland that offer fishing for native, wild Brown Trout. There’s plenty of places where you can find out about fishing for wild brownies online but this isn’t one of them. If an Angling Club offers day tickets to fish for stocked Brown Trout then it may appear on the Fisheries Map page.

Rather than commercialise the site I have decided to run as a resource to help others that like fly fishing for trout. There’s no ads and any links to sites that sell flies or materials I will try to link to small businesses rather than wholesalers. There is nothing for sale on at all.

The tasklist priority will be;

Get the map populated which will probably start early 2022
Create fishery page for each map point
Essential Links
Update YouTube fly tying links

Anyway, hope you enjoy the site!

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