Essential Links


Here you will find some links that may be of interest for anyone who loves Fly Fishing in Scotland or Fly Tying

Business links where you see  means that it is a Scottish company 

Fly tying materials

Cookshill Fly Tying The best natural materials you can get.

FishTeaserFlies The cheapest place to buy Kamasan hooks

Dave Downie Fly Tying Materials  The best Marabou on the market bar none.

Angus Angling  Neil and his team really put an effort to go the extra mile. If it’s not on their site it’ll be on their eBay store! 

Troutline Romania Good for Polish Quills and their CDC is top quality 

Textreme Threads  Half the price of Uni or Semperfli threads but just as good 

Semperfli NanoSilk The Strongest thread on the market bar none. Give this stuff a go if you keep on snapping your thread when tying 

Diptera A great resource for Step by Step pictorial guides for tying flies if YouTube isn’t your thing

Daylight Magnifying Lamp Suffer from bad eyesight and struggle to tie? This magnifying lamp will help you see perfectly and is a great bit of kit!

Flybox Fly Tying Materials  Top quality stuff here from the creators of Eggstacy. 

FNF Fly Tying Materials   FNF have some unique materials like their Creeper leggy bug yarn which can be deadly on it’s day.

YouTube Channels

Fly Casting Tuition

If looking for professional Fly Casting lessons then at the very least your instructor needs to be fully qualified and hold the Scottish Game Angling Instructor Certificate. You can find an instructor in your area at the SGAIC Website

I can personally recommend John Milne at Fly Casting Scotland

Buying Flies Online

Not all flies that you see online are equal when it comes to quality. I’ve bought numerous flies before I started to tie my own and the hooks used are one of the most important things to consider when buying flies.  There’s no point in hooking the fish of a lifetime only to lose it to a straight hook. Trust me, I have been there before and it isn’t a pleasant experience. 

Bits N Buzzers  If you are into fishing Stillwaters in Scotland then this is the place to buy your flies. Be sure to check out their YouTube, TikTok and Instagram pages too!

Stan Headley Flies  Traditional Patterns from the man who literally wrote the Bible about Loch Style Fly Fishing.

Master Baiter Fishing Flies The Buzzers available here are fantastic!

Granite City Fishing   They have everything you could possibly need and more!

Trout Farms

Invicta Trout  Invicta Trout are renowned for their hard fighting ability whether it’s their Rainbow, Blue, Tiger or Brown Trout you catch. 

Ae Fishery  Ae Fishery is part of one of Britain’s largest producers of restocking fish, specializing in: Rainbow; Blue and Brown Trout; not to mention Brook, Golden and Tiger Trout.


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