Happy birthday to us!

A year ago this week I started to put the word out the on a couple of FB Groups that I built a new site (my first “proper” website!) with all the trout fisheries in Scotland on it. On the first day the website traffic literally exploded and it’s been pretty consistent since then so thank you to everyone who has shared or told their friends about scottishtrout.com 🙂

With close to 110 commercial Trout Fisheries in Scotland the site has quickly became a vital resource about visiting a fishery in Scotland. I know that there are a few other sites that have info about the various fisheries out there but my whole aim when creating this site was to try and provide as much unbiased information about a fishery as possible and present it in such a way so it was left to the reader to decide where to fish.

A huge part of the success of the site has been the content created by the various YouTube bloggers. Without their content the site would be nowhere near as informative as it is so a massive thank you goes out to all of the fishermen and fly tyers on YouTube for your dedication to the cause.

Over the course of the past year there have been over twelve thousand unique visitors with a total of forty three thousand views on the site which just defies belief when you consider that I have not spent a single penny on advertising or promotion and all traffic is 100% organic. Having taken a quick crash course on SEO prior to building the site I can see that it is starting to payoff big time with the site featuring on page 1 of Google for about 75% of the fisheries listed. There’s still work to do to fix that but SEO is a long term thing so I look forward to the year on year change next year as I know how many hits similar sites are getting and there’s always work to do to try and pull ahead even more!

Unlike other sites there’s absolutely nothing to buy on here so the site effectively costs me money to run but the reward in learning how to build a website and learn about basic SEO is worth more to me than the cost of hosting it. Talking of hosting, the move to the Google London DataCentre has paid off big time as page loading speeds are lightening fast, especially on mobile.

So, what’s next for the site? I have toyed with the idea of an app as the capability is there with AI to easily create something but to do that I would have to have ads displaying within the app as deploying and hosting apps isn’t cheap. As there has never been an ad on the main website to date and the ads themselves being completely out of my control it is probably something that I will not look into too much further but it’s something that has been nipping away at the back of my brain for a while! Is there a need for an app at all if the mobile site is optimised for speed and right up there with the fastest page loading times anyway? Who knows what the future holds…

A few people have suggested having reviews or similar UGC but I want to stay away from reviews and other ideas that have a personal element in nature as the purpose of the site is to offer impartial information for every fishery but leave the final decision up to the reader. One of the things that I shall be doing in 2024 is adding a complete list of all tackle retailers that are based in Scotland. It doesn’t matter if they are massive like Glasgow Angling Centre or small like a single person selling their own flies – as long as they are a Scottish company they will be listed. Those with physical locations will feature on a separate map but links to all businesses and a small snippet about what they offer will be on the site.

The Facebook page and group will be getting used more in 2024 to inform and share information about events and what’s happening on the freshwater fisheries scene but Facebook themselves make this process quite difficult and penalise you for sharing too many posts! What happened to good old RSS feeds?!

Anyway, enough of me rambling on. If you have any ideas about what you want to see on the site or have any feedback please get in touch and thanks again for your interest in the site. Tight lines for 2024!

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